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Offering all breed dog and cat grooming for the areas surrounding Hillsville, Galax, Wytheville, and Pulaski, Virginia as well as Mount Airy, North Carolina.

 Nails trimmed and sharp edges filed

 Ears Cleaned/ hair plucked if needed

 Glands checked

 Bows or Bandanna

 Teeth brushed upon request for $10

 South  Bark's Blueberry Facial applied


Prices according to breed, size,
coat condition and length
(see examples below)

Small - (Toy Poodles, Yorkies, Maltese) - $35-$40
Medium - (Cockers, Lhaso Apso, Miniature Sch) $40-$45
Large - (Standard Poodle, Kerry Blue Terrier, Airedale Terrier) $60-$80
XLarge - clip downs - (Great Pyrenees, St.Bernard) $80-$125

Bathing Prices for Short Coated Breeds
(includes: Nails, ear, and glands)
(see examples below)

Small - $15 - Chihuahua
Medium - $20 - Beagle
Large - $25 - Labrador

Express Grooming - $10 - For our "Special Needs" pets. This service guarantees completion within three hours.

Professional Show Grooming is for available for select breeds.
(call 276-238-0364 for more information)

Cat Grooming and Bathing:

 Ears Cleaned
 Nails trimmed
Prices start at $45

If G2D has not groomed your pet with in 9 weeks from his last appointment, the price will increase.

Current vaccinations required for grooming: Rabies and DHLPP.

Any out of state dogs are required to have canine influenza vaccine.

We do not perform veterinarian services. We do not use harsh chemicals.

NC VA Dog Groomer